This section is aimed at Current or Potential Amateur & Professional fighters looking for a Boxing Club and/or Strength & Conditioning coach. It is also aimed at current boxing coaches that would like a Qualified Nutritionist, Strength and Conditioning Coach & Sports Psychologist to work with their fighters to improve their diet or conditioning!

“After just one session with Simon – I learned so much and found new ways of training smarter that I have never seen before even in the so-called “top” gyms. Simon will improve you greatly as a fighter and athlete and I look forward to conitinuing to grow and get better each year! I wish I had this knowledge years ago!”


(Boxing Coach, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Athlete & Personal Training & Nutritional Advice)

Simon has returned from living in the United States where he trained at Boxing gyms in San Diego, California. He also spent time at gyms in Los Angeles and in Las Vegas. While there, Simon fought for the gym and sparred and trained alongside professional and other amateur Boxers & MMA fighters on a daily basis and worked under some of the best and most respected professional Boxing & MMA coaches boxing has to offer.

Simon has also helped train other fighters and used his unique boxing training style and in-depth knowledge of Strength & Conditioning, Nutrition and Diet to help clients lose weight safely and correctly to still maintain high energy levels needed for training hard. Simon is constantly challenging himself in new ways in an effort to constantly expand his knowledge and keep himself and his clients constantly improving.

He has trained at some of the World’s top Boxing Clubs with the top trainers and has now brought these methods to Ireland. He offers state-of-the-art strength and conditioning training and boxing technique – a mix of which you will not find anywhere else in Ireland or UK. If you are serious about your career and sport, call or arrange a meeting to see how he can help you to vastly improve your game!

Spartan Boxing Club – Dublin

I am putting together a small fight team up at Spartan Boxing Club to max 6-8 fighters so that I can give full attention and meet all my fighters goals. Boxing is a short career – don’t waste it. If you are interested in joining or improving yourself as a fighter – Contact us today.

See below for his growing list of qualifications & achievements:

Simon is recognised by the National Strength & Conditioning Association (N.S.C.A.) as a Strength & Conditioning coach. He is able to help athletes at both a professional and amateur level prepare for upcoming competitions and design a training schedule that will allow them to reach peak performance in their sport.



Simon is a Fully Qualified REPS (Level 3) & EQF (Level 4) Personal Trainer (both highest level you can get in the field).  His main areas of expertise include Specialized Sports Nutrition & Diet, Sport-Specific Strength & Conditioning, High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T.) Programs for Athletes and Clients, Personalized Weight Training Programs and Sport Psychology for competitive sport.

Boxing Club





Simon is a member of USA Boxing from his work and training in the United States.






Simon is a Qualified Sports Psychologist having completed his certification this year and can help clients, athletes and fighters with the mental side of the game (both in fitness training & competing) which can be one of the most important aspect of sports.






Diploma in Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition  – Allows Simon to help clients and athletes to design a Diet & Training program to ensure they achieve their potential by giving them the energy to train, compete and to get both stronger, faster and constantly improve their conditioning.






Diploma in Advanced Clinical Weight Loss – Allows Simon to help clients to safely lose weight and lower body fat levels in a safe way with easy-to-follow diet plans and training regimes

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