Simon Dalton

Head Boxing Trainer – Dublin

(Boxing Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist)

If you are looking for a Boxing Trainer in Dublin – look no further! Simon has returned from living in the USA.  He trained at Boxing gyms in San Diego, California. He also spent time at gyms in LA and Las Vegas. While there, Simon fought for the gym, sparred and trained alongside other Boxers & MMA fighters on a daily basis.

Simon has great experience as a boxing trainer. He also has great knowledge of Strength & Conditioning, and Nutrition. He is an expert in helping clients lose weigh safely and correctly while still maintaining high energy levels.

Simon is also constantly challenging himself in new ways as a trainer. He is always learning to expand his knowledge and keep himself and his clients constantly improving. This is why he is regarded as a top Boxing Trainer in Dublin!

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See below for his growing list of Qualifications & Achievements:

Simon is recognised by the National Strength & Conditioning Association (N.S.C.A.) as a Qualified Strength & Conditioning coach. He is able to help both professional and amateur athletes prepare for competition. He can design a training schedule which will allow you to reach peak performance in your sport and general life.

Simon is a Fully Qualified EQF (Level 4) Personal Trainer.  His main areas of expertise include Sports Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning, and Weight Training Programs.

Boxing Club

Simon is a member of USA Boxing, from his work as a Boxing Trainer and training in the United States. Now a Boxing Trainer in Dublin.

Boxing Trainer Dublin

Diploma in Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition  – This allows Simon to design a Nutrition & Training program to ensure they achieve their potential. His plans give you the energy to train, and to get both stronger, faster and constantly improve.

Diploma in Advanced Clinical Weight Loss – So it allows Simon to help clients to safely lose weight and lower body fat levels in a safe way. His nutrition plans are easy to follow with support all the way!

Boxing Trainer Dublin

Sports Psychology – Simon is a Qualified Sports Psychologist. He can help clients with the mental side of the game. Both in fitness training & competing, which is one of the most important aspect of sports.

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