With our Spartan Lunch Boxfit Classes in Dublin ,you can get a challenging workout done at your lunch break. Accordingly, you have the rest of your evenings free to relax! We also have EVENING CLASSES if you prefer to relax on your lunch break! See Evening Classes timetable here. Suitable for all levels, our Boxfit Classes in Dublin City Centre fuse Boxing & HIIT for a Fun & Intense workout to help you to Burn Fat, Build Muscle & Get Ripped!




  • 📅 START DATE: Tuesday 17th September 2019
  • ⏱ DURATION: 13 Weeks (26 Classes)
  • 📍 VENUE: Spencer Dock Gym, IFSC, Dublin 1
  • 🥊 TRAINING LEVEL: Suitable for All Levels (Beginners to Advanced)


  • Group A – Tuesday & Thursday @ 12.20-1.10pm
  • Lunch classes are 45-50 mins approx. classes so you have time for a shower at lunch. For your convenience, we have separate male & Female changing rooms & showers at the gym.

PRICES (Discounts given to groups of friends / work colleagues):

  • All 13 weeks for just €399.99


hiit classes dublin


Our Boxfit classes consist of various rounds of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), proven to be the best way to burn fat, and also build muscle simultaneously. Indeed, we use boxing intervals, strength & conditioning exercises, and circuits in our fast-paced and fun boxfit sessions designed to boost your fitness and carved the body you desire in a matter of weeks!

Places in all Boxfit classes are extremely limited due time of the year, as we cap our numbers so we can give close attention to our members. So, to sign up for our Boxfit classes please contact us below as soon as possible. 



Why Choose Spartan Boxfit Classes Dublin?

    1. Burn up to 980 Calories per hour of Spartan Boxing Training (Lose Weight, Build Muscle and just as important – have fun while you workout!)
    2. Choice of Convenient City Centre locations and times  – So you can Get a workout in on your way home from work leaving your evenings free to relax!
    3. Large Training Spaces – We have the two Biggest Boxing Gyms in Dublin City Centre with over 5000 and 3500 sq ft of training space! So No More waiting around on machines or training space in cramped sweaty gyms!
    4. You never train alone, so you will ALWAYS work with a partner that will keep you on your toes for every class!
    5. Our classes have a good mix of guys and girls, and are also suitable of ALL levels!
    6. You can get a workout in on your lunch break! So this means you have your evening free for time with family or your favourite TV show!

So why not sign up today! Firstly Contact us Here to book your preferred training time! Then tell your friends! Then get ready for the best Boxing Classes in Dublin! 👊

What to Wear to Class:

You should come prepared to our classes like any gym session you attend! 
CLOTHING – First of all, you are about to get sweaty. Keep that in mind when choosing what to wear our boxing classes. Also, realize that you are going to need full range of motion for much of your body in order to comfortably work out.  Choose comfortable clothing that will give your arms and legs free movement.

FOOTWEAR – Boxing shoes are available now in all different cool and comfortable styles. Regular athletic shoes are a good alternative if you cannot obtain boxing shoes, just make sure they are not too soft in the sole so you can “feel” the ground which is important for balance in boxing.

GLOVES & WRAPS – We have gloves to borrow if you like but we always recommend our members to invest in their own personal pair. Gloves like shoes can take time to break in so it good if you have a pair suitable for your hands in size and shape. You can pick up suitable in most good sports shops as boxing is a popular sport! For girls we recommend size 8 or 10oz in weight. For guys we go with 10-14oz depending on the hand size. You should also get a pair of handwraps that will give extra protection to your hands while training. Feel free to ask our coaches to recommend retailers and brands they use!

Water & Towel

You will get small recovery breaks throughout the class. You can use these to take some fluids on board. We recommend drinking between 500-1000mls of water per hour class depending on the time of year and the intensity of the session. Also rehydrate after the class! We also recommend to have a towel with you as you will sweat!!

Policy to Makeup Missed Classes:

*We understand your work/life schedule can change from time to time, so we are quite flexible with all our Boxing Classes in Dublin. and our Group times over the venues. So if you miss one of your boxing classes one week, you can attend another session to make the missed session up during the course. Those unused boxing classes cannot be refunded. However we do allow you to carry some missed sessions (max 6 boxing classes) over to next course. To  make them up, you must still a full member of the gym for the following course.

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