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(1) Private Individual Consultations
Personal one on one advice – €199 for a Private Consultation where we will tailor a plan for YOU with support from us all the way.
(2) Spartan Life Nutrition – Diet Seminars
We 4 hour Small Group seminars where we go through all the tools and information you need to construct your own healthy diet from food you enjoy. You will never need to use another diet again in your Life! Contact us to book into our next one  – €119 per person
(3) Office or Company Seminars
We go in a speak to your staff about their diet or we can also advise on food that is provided in your office canteens/restaurants. Corporate Rates Available – Contact us
(4) Restaurant/Cafe Advice
Aimed at food retailers thinking of making menus for appealing to the health-conscious consumer, we can advise you on small changes that will keep the taste and quality of the food high but add significant health benefits to attract a new market & customer base
(5) Professional/Competitive Athletes:
If you feel you lack energy when you train or compete hard, it is probably down to your diet, We have experience in helping athletes get ready for competitions such as make weight for fights or train for upcoming competitions
(6) Artists/Entertainment/Models:
We understand in the entertainment industry, they way you look and energy you have to perform is so important. We have personally worked with world-renowned artists, TV stars and models such as Westlife and other Irish & UK acts getting them ready for upcoming tours or shows





Diploma in Advanced Clinical Weight Loss – Allows us to help clients to safely lose weight and lower body fat levels in a safe way with easy-to-follow diet plans and training regimes





Diploma in Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition – Allows us to help our athletes to  ensure they achieve their potential by giving them the energy to train, compete and to get stronger, faster and constantly improve their conditioning.



At Spartan Fitness, we have Real Expertise in Nutrition and helping you achieve your fitness goals. I am a Qualified Clinical Weight Loss Specialist & also Qualified in Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition so I can advise on diets for the everyday office worker all the way up to the professional/amateur athlete competing in competitive sports. I have also personally worked with world-renowned artists, TV stars and models such as Westlife and other Irish & UK acts getting them ready for upcoming tours or shows

IS THIS YOU? It’s a common question: What’s the best diet? And, to be honest, I am asked that or similar questions from most clients and friends. Should I follow a paleo plan? The vegan plan? Low carb? Intermittent fasting? Diet Shakes? Operation Transformation on TV? THE ANSWER IS WHAT IS RIGHT FOR YOUR BODY – and that’s what we show you!


This nutrition plan was initially developed by me to help me keep weight down for my training and competing in boxing. Boxing is a sport where you need to make weight and compete on the same/next day so you can’t lose large amounts of weight or you will lose too much energy to compete. I had to come up with a plan to allow me to maintain a healthy weight all year around and which also gave me energy for all my training sessions and daily life.


Generic Plans tell the general population what to eat with no idea who the person is that is following the plan.  Nutrition advice usually comes in slogans. Eat whole foodsCut the carbsEat healthy fats. And while these are great sound bytes, they don’t actually help people fix their eating!

Most plans you see in magazines, the internet or on TV shows such as Operation Transformation are not tailored to YOU and YOUR BODY. They are usually designed to allow you to maybe lose weight quick but are not sustainable so the weight goes back on after a few weeks or months. This actually even happens with most of the shows participants!



What if I told that you could lose weight (or gain weight and muscle if that was your goal) from eating foods that you actually personally enjoy? Our plan follows the below steps to make it personal to you!

STEP 1 – The plans starts working out nutrition goals based on your personal body, factoring in your goal weight and body composition (ie body fat levels you desire) using our specially designed tools.

STEP 2 – It then looks at your training regime (or in your case maybe your work week and exercise sessions you plan to do) and see how much energy or food we need to power that so you are not tiring.

STEP 3 – It then looks at how we can arrange the way we eat to give you food at the correct times and minimise times when we eat food when we don’t really need it.

STEP 4 – The plan gives with a large list of foods that YOU PICK FROM YOURSELF and then allows you to put it into your own plan. (Yes you pick the foods!)

STEP 5 – It allows you to easily adjust your plan to take in new recipes you may want to try while also recommending healthy and enjoyable meals for you. We also give you information on things like supplements, foods that help you to burn more fat just by eating them and bonus exercise plans to go with your new personal nutritional guide.

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