Our prices start from just €30 per hour! We offer Private Personal Training or Small Group Training for between 1-4 clients. You can sign up for a 1-to-1 session or arrange a private session and train with friends in a small group environment. We also offer larger private group training aimed at our Corporate Clients for their staff to bond and workout together to improve their work-life-exercise balance.SIGN UP TODAY!

Personal / Small Group Training Options:

  1. Boxing Training (1-to-1) – Improve your boxing skills with our knowledgable coaches.
  2. Weight Loss Plans – Fat loss plans designed specifically for your body and goals.
  3. Muscle Building plans –  Build Muscle fast and learn correct form to avoid injuries.
  4. Personalised Nutrition Plans –  Sit down with our nutrionists and build a plan for you!
  5. Train with your friends – Small Group Training for between 1-4 clients.
  6. Train for White-Collar Fight – Extra Training/Sparring in addition to your regular program) with in ring- tips to win your fights!
  7. Sports-Specific Training – eg. football, rubgy or long-distance running or training to compete as a boxer (Amateur or Professional). Please contact us for more details.

Corporate Training Options:

  1. Staff Training – Its a great for your staff to bond and get together outside of the workplace.
  2. Corporate Weight Loss Plans – We can come in and speak to your staff about healthy eating in both e workplace and at home. We can also work with your canteen to provide healthier menu choice for your staff.
  3. Flexible Plans – We are flexible to meet your need please contact us if you have any other ideas where we might be able to help your staff.

If there is anything that you wish to speak about with our coaches please pick up the phone or drop us an email for a FREE chat. Don’t stay in the dark about the correct way to go about your fitness goals. Speak to the experts and achieve your results quicker. If you ask, then you shall receive!!!



personal training

Simon Dalton – Head Trainer

All our Personal Training programs are devised by our expert trainers, with the exact client goals in mind. Its not the generic programs you get in the big-box gyms that want to keep you training at a slow pace so you stay with them for months even years. In our personal trainning plans, we believe in educating you so that you don’t need us in 3-6 months time. You will have the knowledge to train on your own or maybe even pursue a greater goal…

Some of our previous clients have gone from complete beginner to actually pursuing their own a career in fitness (both full & part-time) as trainers themselves through the knowledge and support they have received from our coaches.

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