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Why Choose Spartan Boxing Classes for Beginners?

  1. Burn up to 980 Calories per hour in our Spartan Boxing Classes. Lose Weight, Build Muscle and just as important have fun while you workout!
  2. Choice of Convenient City Centre locations and times. Get a workout in on your way home from work so you leave your evenings free to relax!
  3. Large Training Spaces. We have the two Biggest Boxing Gyms in Dublin City Centre with over 5000 and 3500 sq ft of training space! So No More waiting around on machines or training space in cramped sweaty gyms!
  4. We use Padwork in ALL our Boxing classes (advancing each week), so you won’t just be hitting a Stationary Bag for an hour!
  5. You never train alone. You will ALWAYS work with a partner that will keep you on your toes in every class!
  6. Our classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and skill and have a good mix of guys and girls.
  7. We understand your schedule can change from time to time. So we are flexible about Group times, if you miss a class one week you can attend another session to make up

Boxing Classes for Beginners

About Our Boxing Classes for Beginners Programs:

  • You will participate in our STRUCTURED PROGRAM with PROVEN RESULTS, including many different types of sessions included your training plan:
  1. Boxing Conditioning Sessions – Get fighting fit with our unique conditioning drills
  2. Boxing Technique Sessions – Learn how to properly punch, move and defend yourself – so we are not Boxercise!
  3. Circuit Training Sessions – Burn fat and build toned muscle which undoubtedly will increase your strength and power
  4. H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training) Round Sessions – Improves Recovery and Fitness Fast
  5. Free Weight/Bodyweight Sessions – Building power and also Explosive Speed using Bodyweight and Free weights
  6. TRX Sessions – Build Total Body Strength & Strong Core
  7. Footwork Drills – To make you light on your feet and improve your balance
  8. Sparring Sessions – You have the chance to use your New Skills and progress to sparring (only if you want)
Boxing Classes for Beginners

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