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Welcome to Spartan Boxing Gym Dublin! Join our Fun and Challenging Classes in our Boxing Gym in Dublin City. All our classes are suitable for guys and girls of all levels, from Beginners to those with Experience.

We set up Spartan Boxing Gym in Dublin to give people of all levels, a chance to Learn Correct Boxing Technique and to use our knowledge and passion to help you get fitter, stronger and healthier in a Fun & Friendly environment.

People from over 52 countries and counting have attended our boxing gym Dublin, so we welcome all ages, races, genders to our gym, with a common goal together to get fitter, healthier and to pass on our knowledge of the sport we love while having fun in the process! We know all our members by name, and aim to become good friends as well as training partners!

From your first class, you will see our Coaches at our Boxing Gym have a Deep Passion for Boxing and Fitness! We are there to support you all the way in your journey in and out of the gym and always have the time to help you!

If you would like to chat to any of our trainers about your goals, please Click the button below to Contact us!

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We have 2 Boxing Gyms in Dublin. One on Baggot Street in Dublin 2, and the other in Spencer Dock, Dublin 1.

Class times are ideally suited for your schedule with evening sessions from 5-6pm, 6-7pm, 7-8pm. You also have the opportunity for access to our Live Online Classes and Re-Live Replay Classes throughout the day!

So Get Started Today – BURN FAT, BUILD MUSCLE & LEARN CORRECT BOXING TECHNIQUE at a time that suits your schedule!

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Our classes at Spartan Boxing Gym in Dublin are suitable for all levels, so from beginner with little or no experience to those more advanced with some boxing experience .

Where we differ from most boxing gyms in Dublin, is that we teach you correct boxing technique so you learn something in each class while getting fit. Our courses are structured so each week follows on from the next, so you build your knowledge, skill and boxing technique while also getting an awesome workout! Our classes never get boring because every class is different and evolving. We also mix in some different types of training within the course such as Circuit Training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and other boxing related fitness drills to keep you on your toes!

So, Get Started Today and find out why we are now regarded as the BEST BOXING GYM in DUBLIN!

Boxing Gym Dublin

You should come prepared to our classes, so you can get the full benefit out of each session!

Firstly, you are about to get sweaty. Keep that in mind when choosing what to wear to our Boxing Gym in Dublin. Also, realize that you are going to need full range of motion to comfortably work out. Accordingly, you should choose comfortable clothing that will give your arms and legs free movement.

We recommend our members to invest in their own personal pair. Gloves like shoes can take time to break in, so you should have a pair suitable for your hands in size and shape. Indeed, you can pick up suitable in most good sports shops as boxing is a popular sport! So, for ladies we recommend size 8 or 10oz in weight. Also, for guys we go with 10-14oz depending on the hand size. You should also get a pair of handwraps that will give extra protection to your hands while training. Also, feel free to ask our coaches to recommend retailers and brands they use!

Regular gym shoes are fine, but Boxing shoes are available now in different cool and comfortable styles. Regular athletic shoes are a good alternative if you cannot obtain boxing shoes. Make sure they are not too soft in the sole so you can “feel” the ground – important for balance in boxing. They also protect your ankles and give more support as there are a lot of fast footwork moves in boxing. Some brands we recommend are Adidas, Reebok, Everlast or Lonsdale.

You will get small recovery breaks throughout the class, so, you can use these to take some fluids on board. You will sweat, therefore, we recommend drinking between 500-1000mls of water per hour class depending on the time of year and the intensity of the session. Also re-hydrate after the class! We also recommend to have a towel with you!!

We understand your work/life schedule can change, so we are flexible about our Boxing Classes in Dublin. You can attend another session to make the missed session up during the course. Boxing classes cannot be refunded. However we do allow you to carry max 6 boxing classes over to next course. You can make them up, as long as you are still a full member into the next course. Once you sign up, we hold your place in the course you sign up to. Therefore, we cannot refund memberships under any circumstances once paid. One you sign up to a course you must pay the membership fee in full on a timely basis. Failure to pay full or part of the agreed membership fee on agreed date will result in cancellation of your membership with no refund of deposit paid as we held your place.

However, this policy doesn’t apply to Online Training which must be completed in dates you sign up to.

If in-gym classes are cancelled by us, we will rearrange another training time for you as soon as possible. If classes are cancelled for circumstances out of our control, such as change in government guidelines, we will switch you to our online training program for those days/weeks until we are allowed to reopen.

Boxing Gym Dublin


Find a Training Times at our Boxing Gyms in Dublin that suits your schedule below. If you have any special requests for training times not listed, or personal training or corporate training please contact us directly so we can help you.
  • Spartan Boxing Club
  • 8:15pm - 9:15pm
  • Simon Dalton
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  • Spartan Boxing Club
  • 8:15pm - 9:15pm
  • Simon Dalton
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  • Spartan Boxing Club
  • 7:15pm - 8:15pm
  • Simon Dalton
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  • Online Fitness Classes
  • 11:00am - 12:00pm
  • Simon Dalton
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  • Spartan Boxing Club
  • 1:00pm - 2:00pm
  • Simon Dalton
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Boxing Gym Dublin

Simon Dalton

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Our Professional Coaches teach all aspects of the Boxing game, in addition to being a superior workout that will develop invaluable self-defense skills. Classes at Spartan Boxing Gym Dublin are the perfect combination of cardiovascular and muscular training.

If you are looking for a Boxing Trainer in Dublin – look no further! Simon has returned from living in the USA. He trained at Boxing gyms in San Diego, California. He also spent time at gyms in LA and Las Vegas. While there, Simon fought for the gym, sparred and trained alongside other Boxers & MMA fighters on a daily basis.

Simon has great experience as a boxing trainer. He also has great knowledge of Strength & Conditioning, and Nutrition. He is an expert in helping clients lose weight safely and correctly while still maintaining high energy levels.

So, Get your gloves and Get Ready Learn to box the right way!


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