WELCOME to Spartan Boxing Fitness! Boxing Classes for All Levels!

Join our Fun and Challenging Boxing Classes in Dublin City Centre. They are suitable for guys and girls of all levels, from Beginners to those with Experience.

All our Boxing Classes are taught by our knowledgeable and professional instructors. Therefore, you are getting a great conditioning workout, and also Learning Real Boxing Technique to develop real Self-Defense skills.

Our classes are limited in size. So you always have space to train and get good attention and coaching to develop you each class. This means you progress at a faster rate than normal gym in terms of both technique and fitness as you can burn up to 1,000 calories per session!

We also mix in boxing related conditioning drills such as interval training and circuits in the course to keep you guessing and get you “Fighting Fit” in no time!

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So, What are you waiting for? Join our Boxing Classes today!

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Boxing Classes – Training Times

We have class times ideally suited for the busy city centre worker or student. We have evening sessions from 5-6pm, 6-7pm, 7-8pm and 8-9pm. So no matter how your day goes you always have a time slot to train on your way home!

We have two gyms – one in Spencer Dock, Dublin 1 and the other on Baggot Street in Dublin 2. So whether you are travelling home north or south of the city we are on your way! Why not drop into us on your way home from work so you get your workout done and dusted! This leaves your evening free to relax with family or watch your favourite TV show! Its also a great way to meet new people with lots of clients similar in hobbies, activities and careers!

We also organise some fun class and gym nights out 2-3 times a year for our members to get to know each other outside of the gym! This is a great way to network and expand your group of friends. We have clients from all over the world and it a great place to meet and learn about all cultures!

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Our Trainers

Spartan Boxing trainers bring great experience in conducting informative and fun classes for our beginner to advanced members.

Our Professional Coaches teach all aspects of the Boxing game, in addition to being a superior workout that will develop invaluable self-defense skills. Classes at Spartan Boxing Fitness are the perfect combination of cardiovascular and muscular training. Our Instructors will take you though our structured workouts. These include warm-up, shadow boxing, Padwork drills, upper & lower-body conditioning, and abdominal work.

Our Boxing Classes are great for beginners, so you will learn valuable real life self defense skills. Its also excellent for both intermediate and advance students to develop their skills to a high level as classes advance each week.

Bring a towel and be ready to sweat!


Frequently Asked Questions:

1) What should I Wear/Bring to Spartan Boxing Class?

You should come prepared to our classes like any gym session you attend!


First of all, you are about to get sweaty. Keep that in mind when choosing what to wear our boxing classes. Also, realize that you are going to need full range of motion for much of your body in order to comfortably work out.  Choose comfortable clothing that will give your arms and legs free movement.


We have gloves to borrow if you like but we always recommend our members to invest in their own personal pair. Gloves like shoes can take time to break in so it good if you have a pair suitable for your hands in size and shape. You can pick up suitable in most good sports shops as boxing is a popular sport! For girls we recommend size 8 or 10oz in weight. For guys we go with 10-14oz depending on the hand size. You should also get a pair of handwraps that will give extra protection to your hands while training. Feel free to ask our coaches to recommend retailers and brands they use!


Boxing shoes are available now in all different cool and comfortable styles. Regular athletic shoes are a good alternative if you cannot obtain boxing shoes, just make sure they are not too soft in the sole so you can “feel” the ground which is important for balance in boxing.


You will get small recovery breaks throughout the class. You can use these to take some fluids on board. We recommend drinking between 500-1000mls of water per hour class depending on the time of year and the intensity of the session. Also rehydrate after the class! We also recommend to have a towel with you as you will sweat!!

2) What should I Wear/Bring to Spartan Boxing Class?

Our classes are suitable for guys and girls of all levels, so from beginner with little or no experience to those more advanced with some boxing experience .

Where we differ from most boxing classes in Dublin, is that we teach you correct boxing technique so you learn something in each class while getting fit. Our courses are structured so each week follows on from the next, so you build your knowledge, skill and boxing technique while also getting an awesome workout! Our classes never get boring as every class, is different and evolving. We also mix in some different types of training within the course such as Circuit Training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), and other boxing related fitness drills to keep you on your toes!

3) What is your policy on Missed classes?

We understand your work/life schedule can change from time to time, so we are flexible about our Boxing Classes in Dublin and our Group times over the venues. So if you miss one of your boxing classes one week. You can attend another session to make the missed session up during the course. Those unused boxing classes cannot be refunded. However we do allow you to carry some missed sessions (max 6 boxing classes) over to next course. You can make them up then, as long as you are still a full member into the next course. Once you sign up, we hold your place in the course you sign up to, so we therefore cannot refund memberships under any circumstances once paid.