Personalised Nutrition Plan – Our Promise to YOU!

At Spartan Boxing Fitness, we do not give out fad or quick fix diets! We only work with clients that are serious about their long-term health and wellness. We have achieved great success and consistency with everyone using our tailored training & personalised nutrition plan.

Our Nutrition program is called “Spartan LIFE Nutrition”, as all our plans are tailored to YOU. We design them to educate YOU and to help YOU build healthy habits for “LIFE”! Our Plans also add in mindset and motivation advise too which is key to building long term habits and changes!

We give you all the information in our courses to modify and adjust your personalised nutrition plan throughout your life! Unlike most other plans, we want to educate you and help you to become an expert in nutrition, so you are actually learning and understanding about your own nutrition, and not just getting a generic plan telling you what to eat!

What is YOUR GOAL in your Nutrition Plan?

🔥 Weight Loss? (Specific Plans to cut 0.5lb-2lbs of Fat per week depending on your goals, body and nutrition preferences)

💪 Gain Weight / Build Muscle? (Personalised Nutrition Plan to help you build muscle and stay lean and fill out your frame with lean toned muscle while powering your day)

🔋 Improve Fitness and Energy? (We will show you how to eat for your body and daily schedule to give you a spring in your step and make you feel energised and give you focus to your day)

🏅 Sports Performance? (We will construct a personalised nutrition plan to show you how to eat for your specific sport or training schedule to make sure you have enough energy to push hard and perform at your best in every session or game!)

💁‍♂️ Other Goal?? (Contact us to tell us more about you so we can choose the right plan personalised for you!)


One of trainers will contact you back within 24 hours to help get you on your way to a Fitter, Stronger and more Motivated YOU right away! 💨🔥💪🥊

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About Us / Nutrition Qualifications:

Diploma in Advanced Clinical Weight Loss – Allows us to help clients to safely lose weight and lower body fat levels in a safe way with easy-to-follow personalised nutrition plans and training regimes

Diploma in Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition  – Allows us to help our athletes to  ensure they achieve their potential by giving them the energy to train, compete and to get stronger, faster and constantly improve their conditioning. We match your training with a personalised nutrition plan to power all aspects of your program.

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At Spartan Fitness, we have Real Expertise in Nutrition and helping you achieve your fitness goals. As Head Coach, I am a Qualified Clinical Weight Loss Specialist, and also Qualified in Advanced Sports & Exercise Nutrition. This means I can advise on diets from everyone from the everyday office worker, all the way up to the professional/amateur athlete competing in competitive sports. I have also personally worked with world-renowned artists, TV stars and models such as Westlife and other Irish & UK acts getting them ready for upcoming tours or shows.

Look forward to helping you achieve your personal goals!


PLEASE FILL OUT BELOW and One of trainers will contact you back within 24 hours to help get you on your way to a Fitter, Stronger and more Motivated YOU right away! 💨🔥💪🥊

Other Nutrition Plan Options:

Restaurant/Cafe Nutrition Advice

Aimed at food retailers thinking of making menus for appealing to the health-conscious consumer. So we can advise you on small changes that will keep the taste and quality of the food high but add significant health benefits to attract a new market & customer base

Corporate / Staff Specific Nutrition Seminars

Aimed at businesses that want to have a motivated and energised workforce. Good nutrition is key to productivity and to keep your staff energised for the full work day and week. We can come to your offices and give tailored seminars on how your staff can eat better, feel fitter and improve their physical and mental health in the process. They will each get a personalised nutrition plan and learn how to eat for their goals.

Professional/Competitive Athletes Nutrition Plans:

If you feel you lack energy when you train or compete hard, it is probably down to your diet. So we have experience in helping athletes with personalised nutrition plans to get ready for competitions such as make weight for fights or train for upcoming competitions.

Artists/Entertainment/Models Nutrition Plans:

We understand in the entertainment industry, they way you look and energy you have to perform is so important. We have personally worked with world-renowned artists, TV stars and models such as Westlife and other Irish & UK acts getting them ready for upcoming tours or shows. You will get a personalised nutrition plan to meet your own needs.


BMI is a very base level calculation that gives you a rough idea of your ideal weight for your height. We use other factors once you sign up to develop a personalized plan for you but this will give you an idea of the your starting point. It will work for most of the population but for athletes or those with high muscle mass it be not be as accurate Contact us for other ways to set your goals and help with developing new training and nutrition habits. Fill it out the details for your body and Contact us to learn more about how we can help you achieve your fitness and body goals as quickly and safely as possible!
BMI Weight Status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 - 24.9 Normal
25 - 29.9 Overweight
30 and Above Obese

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