Are you looking for a Boxing Classes near you? At Spartan, we build courses that will actually teach you correct boxing technique and fitness fundamentals that you can build on so you stay interested as you are always learning something new every week and class!

Spartan Boxing Classes

The Spartan Boxing Fitness Workout uses training regimes that professional boxers use to get the fit, safely cut weight and get stronger. We have combined these exercises into fitness programs that are safe for the mainstream client. So, with Spartan Boxing Fitness, you train like a boxer without taking the punches!

Head Trainer, Simon Dalton has trained at some of the most successful gyms in the United States. While there, Simon developed a workout program comprising of the best training techniques that the fighters from these gyms use. So, you will be doing the same workouts (at your own pace) as top professional boxers. Therefore you will get faster and stronger each week.

Spartan Boxing Fitness Workout works the human body’s 3 main physiological systems:

  • Musculoskeletal system’ becomes stronger through specialized resistance exercises and boxing specific equipment drills.
  • ‘Cardiorespiratory and vascular systems’ becomes more efficient through workouts that are more than 60% anaerobic.
  • ‘Central nervous system’ is trained to respond faster and more efficiently to punching combination drills.

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