Construct your NEW HOME GYM for under €100!

Home Gym, Construct your NEW HOME GYM for under €100!, Spartan Boxing Fitness

When starting on a New Home Gym Training Program, there are 3 Things you should have in place for SUCCESS:

1) Plan the Time to train

  • One of the benefits of training at home vs. the gym, is that you don’t have to spend extra time going to/from the gym, or wait around on machines or equipment at the gym.
  • You can schedule your training sessions around your work and life so that you only need to find 3-4 hours a week (out of 168 hours) to get awesome results and stick to your plan
  • We have seen many of our members get EVEN BETTER RESULTS TRAINING AT HOME, as they have never missed any classes which can sometimes happen if a class is at a fixed time at the gym (at home you can just train an hour later so its way more flexible around your day!)

2) Have a Home Gym Structured plan to follow with Progression Targets

  • Our structured training plans give your week structure, while also giving you flexibility to add some of your own training into the mix.
  • On our 60-Day Shred plan, you train 3 structured days each week while also giving you the option to do a 4th structured session or to find some other activity that you choose such as running, cycling to add to the mix.
  • You also have a Phased training approach with this program so in Phase 1 (Day 1-21) you start with base foundation exercises, and as you go through the period, we add more advanced exercises and programming in Phase 2 (Day 22-42) and Phase 3 (Day 43-60).
  • This keeps training more interesting and motivating, as you can see real results not only in terms of body composition or weight loss, but also in terms of physical capabilities (increased strength, increased endurance etc.) as you go through the weeks/phases!

  3) Get Suitable Home Gym Equipment to keep progressing each week: 

This is outlined below – really to train at home and be able to do pretty much any movement you can do in a fully stocked gym, you really only need 3 pieces of equipment. Your body and gravity is the best gym equipment you can get, as each move when done with bodyweight instead of machines works your energy systems and muscles much more. 

Below are the 3 pieces of Home Gym training equipment that you can purchase today to create your own home gym that you have for years for under €100!

  1. Suspension Trainer (Link just €20)- This allows your to do almost any gym machine exercise within one piece of kit and is portable so you can take it with you if travelling or out of home to train anywhere from a hotel to a park or beach – Just hook it onto any anchor point and off you go! It is my favourite piece of home training kit by far!
  2. Adjustable Dumbbells (Link just €59.99) – The benefit of getting adjustable dumbbells is that as you get stronger you can add weight to push past your limits and grow each week or phase. Free weights such as dumbbells push your body much harder than machines so you see results much faster!
  3. 8-10kg Kettlebell (Link just €19.99) – This will give you further flexibility on exercises that work chains of muscles such as swings and goblets squats. You can find a weight that suits your strength level and build.
Most of you probably have some, if not all of the equipment at home already so you are ready to get started! Some of you may just need to purchase just 1-2 items to complete your home Spartan gym! Order them today! * Availability & Stock levels can fluctuate in these stores, so if any items are out of stock just google the above terms so you can find elsewhere.
Book your place on our 60-Day Shred plan for just €249! and you will have:
  1. A Structured Plan to follow, 
  2. All the correct equipment needed to progress each week, and, 
  3. A base to start planning your training sessions to tick all the boxes for SUCCESS and RESULTS in the lead up to Summer 2021!

If you need any help or have any questions on the program or any of the equipment listed above, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

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