Train like a Boxer with our Renowned Boxing Classes in Dublin! Suitable for All Levels!

Join our fun and challenging Boxing Classes in Dublin City Centre. Our Boxing classes are suitable for beginners to advanced. They are taught by our knowledgeable and professional instructors. You get a great cardio workout, and also learn real Boxing techniques to develop self-defense skills.

Our classes are limited in size. So you always have space to train and get good attention and coaching to develop you each class. This mean you progress at a faster rate in terms of both technique and fitness!

We also mix in boxing related conditioning drills such as interval training and circuits in the course to keep you guessing and get you “Fighting Fit” in no time!

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Boxing Classes Dublin

For Boxing Classes in Dublin – Spartan Boxing Fitness is the best!

Our Trainers

Spartan Boxing trainers bring great experience in conducting informative and fun classes for beginner to advanced members.

Our professional Coaches teach all aspects of the Boxing game. In addition to being a superior workout that will develop invaluable self-defense skills. Our classes are the perfect combination of cardiovascular and muscular training. Our Instructors will take you though our structured workouts. These include warm-up, stretching, shadow boxing, padwork drills, upper & lower-body conditioning, and abdominal work.

Our Boxing Classes are great for beginners, so you will learn valuable real life self defense and fighting skills. Its also excellent for both intermediate and advance students to develop their skills.

Bring a towel and be ready to sweat!

Boxing Classes in Dublin – Training Times

We have class time suitable for the busy city centre worker. We have evening sessions from 5-6pm, 6-7pm, 7-8pm and 8-9pm. So no matter how your day goes you always have a time slot to train!

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